• MobiFone Global and Technology JSC (MobiFone Global) is a subsidiary of Vietnam Mobile Services Company (MobiFone), in operation since 2008.
  • Since the establishment, MobiFone Global has robustly been developing in the domestic and international markets. In foreign market, MobiFone Global has established its subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Czech Republic and two representative offices in Myanmar and Cambodia.
  • With a strong strategic vision of the Top Management Team along with delicated, young and capable human resource, MobiFone Global continuous reached revenue and profit on average above 50% per year.
  • MobiFone Global was awarded the Best telecommunication service company from 2008 to 2010 by the Prime Minister and recognized as the leading telecommunication business over the past few years by the Ministry of Information and Communications.


  • Vision: become the key subsidiary of MobiFone in the field of international business and investion, based on service of Data, Mobile and Technology Solutions.
  • Mission: Provide telecommunication services, content services, advanced technology solutions in domestic and international markets. Deliver the highest value to customers and shareholders. Continuously advance material and spiritual life for all employees in the Company.


gia tri cot loi


  • Transparency: transparency is expressed through awareness to action of each individual in the Company. Transparency in management, transparency in partnership, transparency in responsibility, transparency in benefit.
  • Consensus: promote consensus and commitment in a friendly working environment, simultaneously to become the key unit of MobiFone.
  • Credibility: our success is based upon customer focus, we commit to offer our client value and quality services. Along with the prestige, this commitment makes MobiFone Global differentiated and helps us becoming the key unit of MobiFone.
  • Creation: not satisfied with existing achievement, we are always anticipating market trends and needs to develop innovative service ahead of the curve, better meet the growing customer needs.
  • Responsibility: fulfill our responsibilities to MobiFone’s brandname, to the belief and equity of our shareholders, to our customers by giving outstanding telecommunication products and services. By the side of MobiFone, we do take social responsibility into account.


Board of Management
  Mr. Dong Van Quynh
  Mr. Vu Phi Long
  Member of BOM
  Mr. Do Xuan Thang
  Member of BOM
  Mr. Alvin Oei Yew Kiong
  Member of BOM
Board of Director
  Mr. Vu Phi Long    CEO
  Mr. Tran Xuan Thai   Deputy CEO