INTERNATIONAL INTERNET SERVICE:as one of the key services of MobiFone Global, the International Internet Service has been developed to meet the demands of the ISP, OSP or companies/organizations wishing to use the international internet connectivity with high security and high speed. Customers can easily get access to any server or Internet domain at anywhere in the world via the dedicated physical connection.
The IP network of MobiFone Global includes the access points (POP) in Vietnam, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore, which are connected directly to the telecommunications network of international partners tier-1 such as NTT, Singtel, PCCW, Level 3 … and peering with more than 100 telecommunications service providers, content providers at International exchange point (IX) in the world.

INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LEASED CIRCUIT( IPLC):is the service provided by MobiFone Global for companies and organizations, which allows them to use the physical private line between terminals, intranet, private telecommunications networks of customers at different countries by point-to-point, point to multi-point connectivity. With the monthly fixed cost, customers can fully utilize the 24/7 network to transmit data, voice (IP or PSTN), fax, images, video conferencing … with high stability and security.

Backbone transmission network runs on submarine cable (AAG, SMW3, TPE, C2C, Unity, …) and connect to the POP of MobiFone Global to almost international hub in the region and global. Always to be commited to the quality of services at international standards, MobiFone Global is confident to meet all demands of customers.

INTER- PROVINCIAL AND INTERCITY TRANSMISSION SERVICE: is provided for the companies or organizations having the demand of using the direct connection line between POP or between offices, branches within the province / city or inter-provincial . With a fixed monthly cost, customers can fully utilize the optical transmission line 24/7 with high stability and absolute privacy.

VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK VPN/MPLS: allows customers to establish a virtual private network via the Internet environment using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). This technology is currently the most advanced of the next generation NGN network to connect the computer network in domestic and overseas by leased lines SHDSL or ADSL combined with MPLS / VPN technology based on NGN network. This service helps improve the network efficiency and increase the security, while supporting QoS, CoS features for services with different quality requirements, such as voice, video, data…

VOIP SERVICES: is provided by MobiFone Global for the purpose of collecting, transfering and connecting of voice traffic between Vietnam and international via POP systems and VoIP equipment in the area (Europe, Asia, America, etc.) .
Besides, MobiFone Global also provides PC-PC voice services in domestic and overseas, international PC-Phone and voice services to serve the community.