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During his billateral working visit to Myanmar, Minister Nguyễn Bắc Son and his delegation paid a visit to the Representative Office of MobiFone/MobiFone Global in Yangon, Myanmar.
At the Representative Office of MobiFone/ MobiFone Global, after listening to the report from Mr. Nguyen Dang Nguyen, Deputy General Director of MobiFone, Chairman of MobiFone Global regarding current business activities, market developments and potential partners, Minister met and appraised all staffs of the representative office and appreciated the precision of MobiFone’s decision in opening the representative office of MobiFone / MobiFone Global in Myanmar and its significant achievements since its inception.
At the same time, the Minister also directed MobiFone Global to focus all resources to seize feasible opportunities of emerging market Myanmar, and also to have the right orientation and strategy, appropriated investment, striving to become one of the leading telecommunication service providers in Myanmar, thereby as a pedal, supporting other Vietnamese enterprises in the field of telecommunication generally and telecommunication services particularly.
Mr. Mai Van Binh, Chairman of MobiFone, on behalf of the company expressed gratitude to the Minister Nguyễn Bắc Son who had paid a visit to the representative office of MobiFone / MobiFone Global in Myanmar. Mr. Mai Van Binh also promised to promote the development of international markets, Myanmar is one of essential markets.

Minister Nguyễn Bắc Son with all staffs of MobiFone/MobiFone Global in Yangon, Myanmar
Decemeber 2012, MobiFone opened a representative office in Yangon, Myanmar. Earlier, on August 2012, a MobiFone delegation had paid 4 days visit to Myamnar to meet with potential partners in the field of telecommunication. During the visit, the representative of MobiFone had expressed his desire to help Myanmar’s partners to shorten time-to-market services, to use labor force efficiently and to turn the mobile services industry from a high-end service to a basic service of Myanmar.
(Source: Ictnews)

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